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The TGI assessment and report assist suppliers in evaluating, benchmarking and monitoring environmental performance while identifying and ultimately sharing good practices.

Workplace Condition Assessment (WCA)

How do your suppliers measure up to the competition in the same industry, country or global marketplace?

MQP creates an industry standard for evaluating quality and environmental performance at participating fabric mills globally. The Mill Qualification Program (MQP) was developed by a working group of multinational retailers.

Global Supplier Management is a supply chain management solution designed to provide the traceability and transparency necessary for informed global businesses. It enhances visibility into your supply chain, which helps to manage risk and provide more insight into your suppliers.

The mission of the GSV program is to partner with international suppliers and importers to drive the development of a global security verification process, resulting in greater assurance, risk control, efficiency and cost savings for all.

Analyze, report and trend data for informed decisions

GSCC increases the efficiency of CSR, health and safety, environmental management and other supplier management programs by eliminating redundancy and providing accurate and organized information when needed the most.

The Supplier Qualification Program (SQP)

Intertek's Supplier Qualification Program provides a world-class Industry Standard that drives continuous improvement through open benchmarking. The program's strength lies in its accredited training programs, qualified trainers and auditors, risk based scorecard as well as a continuous corrective and preventative action process.

Tradegood is a B2B global sourcing community for responsible buyers and trusted suppliers to get connected and get to know their supply chains. We connect compatible people, bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers to maximize supply chain visibility and minimize reputation risks.

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