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Ethical Sourcing Reports include in depth articles on many of the sustainable supply chain initiatives and challenges discussed at Intertek's Ethical Sourcing Forum each year.
ESF Report – New York City 2015

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ESF Report- Double Issue 2010-2011
  • How to maintain (or even enhance!) ethical programs and standards in challenging times
  • BT's model for supply chain sustainability
  • Rainforest Alliance's search for the certification tipping point
  • China Syndrome: Sourcing Ethically and Cost - Effectively from the "World's Workshop"
  • Greening the Value Chain, Effectively and Pragmatically

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ESF Report - Europe 2008
  • GSCP's Reference Code: A Harmonizing Approach
  • Corporate Ethical Leadership: Marks & Spencer's Supplier Interaction Program Stands out
  • Carbon Labeling:Linking Carbon Footprint Accountability to Consumer Goods. Case study: PepsiCo
  • Sector focused: paper sourcing. How the PREPS Initiative Helps UK Publishers Find the Right Paper

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ESF Report - NA 2008
  • Ethical Sourcing: Initiatives and Best Practices
  • Measuring Systems: How to Gauge Successful Initiatives
  • Sector Focus: Cotton Sourcing _ Labor Issues in Uzbekistan
  • Supply Chain Relationships: Starbuck Takes the Long-Term View
  • Cutting Thru the Greenwash: Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Regulating the Environment: China's Laws Explained

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ESF Report - Asia 2007
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Trade Unions
  • Ethical Audits
  • CSR and Public Policy

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ESF Report - Europe 2007
  • Is Ethical Sourcing Possible?
  • Guidelines for Effective Brand Protection
  • Addressing CSR Within the Supply Chain
  • Multi-Stakeholders Initiatives
  • New Environmental Regulations and The Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Security

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